June 19, “Ghost”

Ghost is a gutteral sound. Do you suppose that when a person first encountered an apparition that they stuttered and said, “G-g-ghost?” How did the word come about and wonder who the first person was to see a ghost? Lately, sounds have been occurring in my home. We haven’t seen the rascal yet, but when Lana and I were out of town recently, Ken said that he heard noises that sounded like someone was in the kitchen. He even went to investigate! That’s not like him to hear noises or be disturbed by them. He told me this after we were all in bed the other night and Lana called into our room from hers, “Is someone in the kitchen?” We said, “no”. Then he told me about his experience.

Do ghosts follow a person home? Is there such a thing? How long do you suppose they stay? I wish I could have heard what they heard. It was probably the furnace unit making a sound. Or all that junk on the shelves shifting. Yeah, sure!!

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“permission” is the word

Permission is one of those words that rolls off the tongue like salad oil. It’s a cool word not warm and friendly like love or warmest. Permission has to be given. It can never be taken or stolen. Permission conjures images of sterness: teacher may I, or mother may I. At my age I don’t feel like I need permission to do anything. I don’t need permission to drive the car. However, at gas prices I do need money.

I don’t need permission to have a snack. However, I do need willpower to not have a snack. Permission is one of those words that grates on the nerves of a rebel, plays on her spine like an off-key violin. I guess I am a rebel. My mother was a rebel. She believed that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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“rhinestone” Kirchoff’s 5-15-2000

The rhinestone bracelet has been in my jewelry box for years. A friend gave it to me because she said she would never wear it. I guess one could call it gaudy. I think it’s pretty, all sparkly and shining when the light hits it just right, like sunlight on water. What is it about diamonds and sparkles that people like? The brilliance is–this is going nowhere. Today the word “rhinestone” doesn’t inspire. I’d much rather smell a rose or the honeysuckle that covered my forsythia at the end of the house. Yesterday Amanda and I uncovered a secret gate there. She was excited to find a gate that she didn’t know existed. Discovery is a wonderful thing.

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Ramblings from Kirchoff’s Bakery October 15, 2001

Ramblings from Kirchoff’s Bakery October 15, 2001: When “around the corner” seemed far away. Those days are lurking in my memory–almost hiding, but I see their sleeves behind a post. I plead them to come out and let me take a look at days forgotten, to know the joys of being safe with parents. When parents protect and care for us. What a shame that role is reversed later in life. We, the children, become the protector and caregiver. But today I want to remember the better times. The days of orchard blooms across the road, sunshine, catching grasshoppers, looking for four-leaf clovers, hide and seek at dusk, all the while knowing I would go home later and be safe with Mom and Dad. They knew all, and any question I had they could answer. How do you know it’s going to rain? And how do you know storms always come from the southwest? Now, Mom and Dad are gone, and who can answer my questions? Who can tell me why it rains from the southwest? Why, Daddy, does the rest of the world hate Americans?

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This one comes from February 20, 2001, Kirchoff’s.

Please keep in mind that my writing tidbits are fiction. This one comes from February 20, 2001, Kirchoff’s. One can tell that I watch a lot of old, old detective stories:She peered at me over the half-glasses she wore as she wrote out the check. Sam was in the back room taking care of business when this broad came in the joint. Sleek dark hair pinned in one of those fancy chignons at the back, her dress was fitted red satin, framed in silver fox. Diamond rings on every finger. I even wondered about her toes. This was no ordinary dame. She was “class.” The kind of class every man dreams of, but hopes she has her own money. Yeah, my old lady couldn’t hold a candle to this dame. What was she doing in a joint like this? I soon found out. She wanted her husband dead, and she’d heard about me: Charlie, the hitman. She was a real looker all right. I might even have killed her husband for free, but she was willing enough to pay ten big ones.

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May 3, 2020

We are in the middle of a Corona Virus, Covid-19, pandemic. I haven’t been in a store in well over a month. Lana is picking up our groceries for us. I’m sure many new stories will come from this time in our lives. I’ve never had to live like this in my 71 years. But now if we go out we need to wear a face mask to keep the virus from infecting us. I haven’t posted in nine years! That’s unreal. Time flies and I was dealing with my sister’s cancer for several years, PLUS, I guess I’m just lazy. Poor Rilla and Logan. I must get back to their story, but this requires some research, or re-research. I seem to have a problem with my right leg today. I hope it’s not a blood clot!

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Using all five senses

This is fundamental in good writing.  We have to describe what the character smells, hears, tastes, and feels through touch, as well as what she sees.  This draws the reader into the world you have created, and hopefully, he will stay in your world until he finishes the book–which means you have written a good book that draws the reader in, and holds the attention.

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Right Brain/Left Brain

When we are in our creative mode, we are in our right brain.  In this mode we cannot distinguish between “hour” and “our”, or their, there, they’re.  But we are free to create!  Editing with the left brain can come later.  If you don’t believe this, just write something over 2,000 words and it WILL come through.  I don’t know where I came up with that figure of 2,000 words?  This can even happen in much shorter works if you are not thinking about it and trying to edit as you write.  It’s a pretty cool concept when we think about it.  The brain is a masterpiece by our Creator!  Happy writing!  And remember, writing is rewriting and editing a work many times, if necessary.

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January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011 by ellen
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Okay as of this post I have found the faucet booklet in a place where it had no business to be.  Of course, it’s too cold to go outside and get to the hardware store to buy the proper tool.  But I shall soon….Oh my, Logan and Rilla have been in limbo for twelve years now.  It’s time their story should be told.  I intend to work on that just as soon as I can get some kind of organization in this place.  Logan is a Federal Marshall and Rilla is the independent daughter of a wealthy New Orleans businessman.  She adores her younger brother, Andrew, and her great aunt Queen.  Queen is quite a cute little lady–full of fun and the love of adventure.  Drew reads Huckleberry Finn and longs for the carefree life of a river vagabond.  Candace is Rilla’s beautiful deaf friend.  Sign language will enter into this historical paddlewheeler story.  Logan was introduced in my first book that appears on this site.  Some commented that they liked Logan better than Rafe, the hero of the story.  Logan has quite a story himself, as does Rilla, Aunt Queen, Drew, and Enri, Rilla’s fiance.  I must finish this novel.  I must!  I must!  If you like my musings, please let me know.





Kitchen Faucet

January 7, 2011 by ellen
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Wow, it’s January 2011, another year over and what have I done?  Enjoy my Grands and try to organize this place.  Don’t know if that’s possible!  My organization skills “stink”.  Our kitchen faucet is leaking and I accidentally found the booklet to it.  But put it away ’til another day.  Now that I’m ready to see about the faucet, I can’t find the booklet anywhere.  And I have to have it because it tells the special kind of tool that’s needed to get the handle off.  Need a new garage door, too.  But that’s another story.




“Share the wealth”

October 29, 2008 by ellen
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Okay, okay, okay….

Obviously, republicans don’t understand the concept of “share the wealth”…

In effect, it is not the “sharing” or “giving away” of money.

It is what happens when employers actually pay their employees a decent, livable, much above minimum wage with health benefits for work done.  It’s true, the employers don’t wind up with as much money–but they wind up with happy, content, willing to work, employees…and that means more money for all!

from Ellen’s point of view…



Issue of Abortion

October 29, 2008 by ellen
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Republicans keep harping on the abortion issue.  But what have THEY done to change anything in the past eight years?  Or all those republican years after 1974?  They’re not going to change anything about abortion, because many of them secretly believe in the woman’s right to choose.

I don’t.  Abort means to kill.  And killing is wrong.  There has to be a better way.

But I’m tired of being accused of not being a Christian just because I’m a democrat.  It is what republicans say and think.

I don’t believe in abortion.  But it was made a law in 1974.  Republicans always make this an election issue, but have NEVER done anything to abolish the law!  So it’s not an issue with me as far as voting.  Health insurance for all IS an issue for me.  Staying out of war IS an issue with me.  Paying people a decent wage is an issue with me.

As far as being a Christian,  when Jesus said to help the needy and poor, He didn’t specify whether they deserved it or not….  When he said to visit those in prison, He didn’t say whether they deserved it or not….  When He said to love our neighbor, He didn’t specify that they had to deserve our love….




Just what does “lorem ipsum” mean?

September 13, 2008 by ellen
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I was in Adobe Illustrator and came across the phrase “Lorem ipsum, etc.”  so looked it up.  Thought this was funny…


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