June 19, “Ghost”

Ghost is a gutteral sound. Do you suppose that when a person first encountered an apparition that they stuttered and said, “G-g-ghost?” How did the word come about and wonder who the first person was to see a ghost? Lately, sounds have been occurring in my home. We haven’t seen the rascal yet, but when Lana and I were out of town recently, Ken said that he heard noises that sounded like someone was in the kitchen. He even went to investigate! That’s not like him to hear noises or be disturbed by them. He told me this after we were all in bed the other night and Lana called into our room from hers, “Is someone in the kitchen?” We said, “no”. Then he told me about his experience.

Do ghosts follow a person home? Is there such a thing? How long do you suppose they stay? I wish I could have heard what they heard. It was probably the furnace unit making a sound. Or all that junk on the shelves shifting. Yeah, sure!!

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