Ramblings from Kirchoff’s Bakery October 15, 2001

Ramblings from Kirchoff’s Bakery October 15, 2001: When “around the corner” seemed far away. Those days are lurking in my memory–almost hiding, but I see their sleeves behind a post. I plead them to come out and let me take a look at days forgotten, to know the joys of being safe with parents. When parents protect and care for us. What a shame that role is reversed later in life. We, the children, become the protector and caregiver. But today I want to remember the better times. The days of orchard blooms across the road, sunshine, catching grasshoppers, looking for four-leaf clovers, hide and seek at dusk, all the while knowing I would go home later and be safe with Mom and Dad. They knew all, and any question I had they could answer. How do you know it’s going to rain? And how do you know storms always come from the southwest? Now, Mom and Dad are gone, and who can answer my questions? Who can tell me why it rains from the southwest? Why, Daddy, does the rest of the world hate Americans?

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