Working for Babb Motors

I lay awake last night trying to think of people’s names that I worked with at Babb Motors from September 1966 until I went to Paducah Sash and Door late 1967. Freddie Babb, Billie Frances Yost, Wayne Spees, Frank Easter, and J.T. Bowland. Freddie was the owner and J.T. was his son-in-law general manager. J.T. was a ladies’ man of sorts; tall, handsome, and sure of himself. J.T. had hired me as receptionist but I was his second choice. The first one didn’t work out for reasons unknown to me. I think she was there about a week.

Mr. Babb always had a cigar in his mouth like Irvin Cobb. He would smile at me like the Cheshire cat who had swallowed the canary. Miss Yost had been in love with him for the many years that she was the Office Manager. She looked like she had just stepped from the forties–auburn hair worn in a pageboy, bright red lipstick, and fitted tailor-made suits complete with high heels. She and Freddie would go into a locked room off the car repair area to “count money.” I don’t know what they did in there, but even in my naivety I could imagine. They would come out smiling.

Wayne Spees, the parts manager, was a genial guy, middle-aged, who knew everything that went on around there. He had his collection of dirty magazines behind the counter.

Frank Easter was the salesman besides J.T. and he was divorced but still loved his wife. I think he had been all over the States. He always wore dark glasses. And I’m sure he had some kind of colored history.

The one that I cannot remember his name was manager of the repair shop. He was an older guy that seemed to be a gentle soul who had been married many years. He was a grandfather type who I thought a lot of. So sad that I cannot remember his name…

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