Dysfunctional families, June 9, 2000

Dysfunctional families seem to be the norm. My son holds his thumb and forefinger so very close and says, “We’re this close to being dysfunctional. I’m not dysfunctional (grin) it’s all the crazies around me! I want to get along with everyone. Why, I always got “A” in citizenship, and teacher’s notes read, “Gets along well with others.” I guess so. Theresa Hutcherson told me I stole her candy in first grade, and I gave her mine. That made Momma really upset. That I gave my candy to someone just because she said that I stole hers. I just didn’t like to argue. She’d have a hard time getting my candy now. I still don’t like to argue, but I’m better at getting people off my case. My sister calls me “Julia” and she’s “Suzanne” as in “Sugarbaker.”

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